DBN Courseware

The Design By Numbers Courseware is a web-based environment built to facilitate the use of DBN as an educational tool for teaching computational design. It provides educators with an interface for inputing/editing problem statements and students with the ability to work in DBN and save their work directly to the server. Most importantly, it presents a unique viewing environment where students can critique their work within the context of the entire class.

Examples of Courseware installations and projects:
Musashino Art University - Japan
Designskolen Kolding - Denmark
Massachusetts Institiute of Technology
- Cambridge, USA
Parsons School of Design - New York, USA
AIGA National Headquarters - New York, USA
Fabrica - Novara, Italy
Icograda - Seoul, Korea

Clicking on the above links will direct you to projects created in these courses and seminars.

For more information write to: dbn-courseware@media.mit.edu

Courseware Images

Problem Sets

Problem Sets
The Courseware provides a digital billboard for posting problem sets and links to viewing the work.
DBN Workspace

Working in Design By Numbers
Students can work on solutions to the problems within the courseware environment and save their work directly to the server.

The Courseware provides a unified critique space where work can be evaluated individually or within the context of the rest of the class. The DBN code for the solutions is easily accessible from this page.
The course administrator can edit the problem statements and class roster at any time.



Design By Numbers is Copyright 1999-2001, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
DBN was developed by the Aesthetics and Computation Group at the MIT Media Laboratory.