Showing DBN applets on your own web page

1. Download dbn.jar. You may have to shift-click (on the PC) or click-and-hold (on the Mac) to get a menu where you can select 'save this link as.." and save it to your disk.

2. Put dbn.jar in the folder on your web server where you'd like to have your web page and DBN programs.

3. Save your DBN program to a file, for instance fancy.dbn and put that in the same folder as your web page.

4. Add the following text to your web page's HTML, and replace yourprogram.dbn with whatever you called your program in the last step.

<APPLET CODE="DbnApplet" ARCHIVE="dbn.jar" WIDTH=110 HEIGHT=110>
<PARAM NAME="mode" VALUE="grid">
<PARAM NAME="program0" VALUE="yourprogram.dbn">

5. Your web page should now include your DBN program. Click the program to start it running.


You can view an example here, or download it as a zip file to test it out.

You may not be able to run that web page from the disk, you'll probably have to upload it to your web server and check it there to see if it's working. This is because Java won't let DBN read files from your computer's hard disk.

If you load dbngraphics.dbn or dbnletters.dbn, you may need to include them separately. To do this, open dbn.jar using winzip (on the pc) or expand it using stuffit expander (on the mac). Grab the dbngraphics.dbn or dbnletters.dbn file and put it in the same folder as dbn.jar on your web site. Now load should work fine.

If you're having trouble, contact



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